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Never before...

Never before have I been so passionate about wanting recruiters to succeed. Recruiting has been a life-long calling and even though I sort of fell in to it at a young age, it has always given me great satisfaction in knowing that I was able to positively impact peoples lives. There are many things Recruiters do that buck the trends. Successful Recruiters go beyond the box- not just go outside of it. I grow tired of other Trainers peddling the same old lines..... "You must recruit passive candidates to be successful" they say. The truth is, as a Recruiter, you have to spend time with the people that are willing to spend time with you. Not every conversation has to turn in to something that makes you money. Recruiting is about developing a balanced set of skills that you employ on a routine basis. Some Recruiters believe that riding the coattails of their last deal or calling just one type of candidate versus another is going to get them to a position of excellence and wealth. It is simply not true. That is why I have been developing my "Power Recruiter Training" series. To help Recruiters develop the skills they need in today's marketplace. Low unemployment is both a blessing and a curse to Recruiters unless they are what I like to call "Skill Fit". Being Skill Fit is being willing to exercise learned skills every-single-day. That is why I am so excited to be presenting "Power Planning" as my first training course. A Rocket cannot get off the launch pad without thrust and planning as a recruiter creates the thrust one needs to achieve sustainable momentum as a recruiter. I hope you'll join me in November for my first training session. Please complete the contact form @ to be notified of upcoming November training dates. I am offering "Power Planning" for half off the regular price of $198 for only $99! If you are a Recruiter, you owe it to yourself to sign up for this awesome course!

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