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The sprint is on... and it is always "ON". - It's game "ON" - It's ALWAYS "Game On" in the world of professional recruiting. So how do you stay on your "A" game. How to your persist amidst a shrinking pool of candidates in an era of low unemployment and a thriving economy...? - Having the skills to thrive as a recruiter, won't come overnight. Just like exercising your body, you have to continue to exercise and build strength in your skills as a Professional Recruiter- regardless of what you did successfully on your desk yesterday. It doesn't matter if you are a Corporate Recruiter with in-house customers to please or a Staffing Firm filling requests for third party employers. You have to sharpen that saw every day or it will get dull quickly. That is why I developed Power Recruiter Training with the premise that to become of Recruiter of significance....a Recruiter with wealth and excellence, you have to keep exercising every day. If you do so, you will become "skill fit" and enjoy the power to have true candidate and client control and be a force in your niche. Each week, I hold a "Freebinar", a 20-minute saw sharpening on different topics related to professional recruiting. Visit my "Free Events" page at and get signed up for my next course. It is absolutely free and occurs each Tuesday at 4:30pm Mountain and 6:30pm Eastern.

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Being an effective Recruiter requires that you bring energy and spark to the prospective recruit on the other end of the phone line. Like so many Recruiters do, they get caught up in the minutia of their day and forget one of the principle elements and fundamentals of Recruiting... to find their energy flow. In my upcoming FREEBINAR, I'll show you just how Mr. AC/DC himself, Angus Young can bring the excitement, energy and vocal tonality you need to be an effective Recruiter. - Join me this Tuesday for an ABSOLUTELY FREE webinar. We will be broadcasting at 4:30p Mountain and 6:30 Eastern so that we don't cut in to your busy work day. REGISTER NOW at - Hope to see you there!

Angus Young of the rock group AC/DC

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"Skill Fitness" in the world of recruiting is simply the notion that, as Covey said, you are "sharpening the saw" on a daily basis. And yet, most Recruiters are so caught up in the up and down minutia of the job that they forget (very easily I might add), just how important it is to keep honing their skills and building habits that they end up squeaking out a meager income and live pay check to pay check. It takes more people! - To become skill fit, why not have a personal coach or trainer to be accountable to? - I am giving what I call "FREEBINARS

", on a weekly basis to the masses because I want you to learn about me, what I have already proven to be successful as a 28-year veteran of the staffing and recruiting industry and what I think you can do to not just achieve excellence, but create wealth for yourself. Wealth doesn't always mean being extremely rich. Wealth is being able to buy cars in cash and avoid costly bank loans. It means paying off your home mortgage in half the time or less and affording vacations that truly will recharge your batteries... not just a weekend at Disneyland (although that could be nice too I guess). Join me at and sign up for a Free Recruiter webinar. They happen every week and I try to broadcast them outside peak Recruiter calling hours for your convenience. I hope to see you soon!

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