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Why you feel better having a daily plan.

The best part about the ending of a challenging day is knowing that tomorrow, you get a clean slate. A new start! - How wonderful it is that the sun sets every night and the next day it rises again! - But most Recruiters don't take advantage of the clean start. They don't plan!

If I can get just a few more Recruiters to plan each day, I will be on top of the world. They can make more call's, have more worthwhile relationships, submit more candidates to job orders and most importantly, make more money. It's no wonder that that the first course of my "Power Recruiter Training" starting November 2018 (shameless plus) will be focused on becoming a successful planner. I've spent years trying to master the art of planning. It helped the most when I learned the concept that you cannot manage time, but you can manage things that are significant and how much time you spend on tasks related to that significant thing. I hope you will check out my Power Recruiter Training™! Get more info at and sign up to be notified when my first course is available!

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