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Teach a man to fish.....

After being taught to fish early on in life (and when I say fish, I mean recruit), it is always perplexing to me how people feel they know it all and that there is nothing left to learn. It is only when deals fall through that Recruiters realize that they could have and should have done things differently. So after retiring from my own recruiting firm, I decided that my passion is really in helping other recruiters become successful. Stephen R. Covey called the relentless pursuit of perfection the practice of "sharpening the saw". You can be the luckiest fisherman in the world, but without reinventing yourself, all that will happen is moderate or average success. Especially in a business where there are too many moving parts that can go wrong. Thus, I developed Steve Thornley's Power Recruiter Training! I am excited to mentor some of the most motivated, postiive recruiters this world has to offer!

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