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Forget everything you know or have learned about "time management"!

The great thinking of the 90's and 2000's on time management has now given rise to the concept that in reality, you cannot manage time. Time continues. Time alludes. The second hand keeps ticking and no matter how hard you try to manage it, it slips away tick after tick. So forget about everything you may have learned about time management and realize that you cannot manage it. What you can manage are things that are significant to you. Sometimes when I attempt to plan a get together with old friends, there would always be a select few that were too "busy". Everyone is "busy". The message they sent to me what that something else matters more to them at that moment. They valued something more significantly than they did spending time with me. Now that may sound harsh, but it you turn it around, what we can do with that information is make it that much more meaningful to us. Yes, that time spent without that friend became more significant to me because I was making memories and building tighter relationship bonds with the friends I did get to see at that activity. The same is true in recruiting life. If you focus your plan on your daily activity that has real significant value, or "RSV", you're likely to get realize a gain. Your gain will be monetary compensation and the fact that you have advanced the career of the candidate you placed. My training will go more in-depth about building a daily plan, sticking to it, and reaping the value of the habit of planning.

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